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Our History

Leading the telecom market in Egypt for 14 years, Sky Distribution has a strong record in mobile distribution, retail and maintenance

For more than 14 years, Sky Distribution has brought to the market innovative technology with new product initiatives and quality service. Partner to the leading Samsung and Etisalat, Sky Distribution has stretched its assets to span more than 1000 square meters of warehouses, 51 distribution vans, 13 distribution centers, 123 retail outlets and 20 after-sales centers.

Our track record marks awards and recognition milestones from our partners. Partner awards have solidified our market leadership, with focus on always being attuned to customers’ needs, while ensuring our partners’ network extends to every city, street and consumer household.

Over 13 distribution centers
More than 123 points of sale
More than 20 after-sales service centers
Solid steps towards growth for more than 14 years

May 2007

Sky Distribution (formerly Sama Distribution) was established in 2007 with a vision to lead the growing telecom market in Egypt meeting an exponentially expanding demand in the Egyptian market.

July 2007

In 2007, Sky Distribution became the strategic partner for Etisalat, with a partnership that covers the first Etisalat indirect sales and franchise shop channel.

May 2009

In 2009, Sky Distribution started distribution of Samsung mobile phones in Egypt through a network of 120 retail stores serviced by 18 warehouse/distribution centers.

May 2011

2011 marks Sky Distribution’s first after sales service center for Samsung, established to cater to consumers’ need for a trusted maintenance service center that allows for smooth user experience for Samsung mobile phone holders.

May 2014

Sky Distribution receives “#1 Samsung Customer Service Partner of the Year”, in recognition of its after-sales efforts within the Egyptian market.

May 2017

Sky Distribution celebrates 10 years of market presence, solidifying its distribution, retail and maintenance service portfolio.

July 2020

Sky Distribution added Energizer handheld devices to its distribution portfolio to cater to a market that seeks extended battery-life and durability.

August 2021

Sky Distribution became Samsung accessories distributor, bringing to customers the latest range of handheld accessories including headphones and smart watches.